Monday, January 26, 2009

EBISS conference under new management

Unfortunately this information is mentioned only in the chinese version of the website... Google might help to translate it ;-)


Additonally, the conference organizing committee as well as the names of the keynote speakers have been removed from the website... There is no need to be shy ;-)


  1. Translation: Conference Organizer is now replaced by Wuhan Chu and conference services company, and the resulting impact, hope the author of Understanding

    By Google translator:


    作者: 发布时间:2009-01-24 11:25:59



    Above is the letter of apology published on 2009-01-24 on the website of EBISS (Chinese version).Below is a simple translation.

    The conference organizer has been changed to Wuhan Chu-He Conference Service Company. We hope the authors will understand and forgive us for the the influence of this.

    Due to the carelessness in the paper review process, we *might* have accepted one to two papers that lack very good quality. They were removed after our careful inspection and will not be published in the proceedings. We hope the authors understand this.

  3. Jeeez people are really doing awesome work.....only thing is, now I don't know if the acceptance I just recieved from the conference I had submitted my paper in is worth anyting or not.....Do tell me if ICCSIT is worth anything or not if you can.. my email id is for your help and really scared me with this :p

  4. hi everyone!

    this is truly an awesome piece of work deserving a documentary coverage. the PlusPug paper. omg, i cried with laughter reading it. it is hilarious. i can't believe it got thru. awesome stuff.

    lets see how many more conferences promote investigators finding compatibility between xml and digital-to-analog converters ;)

  5. I'll be honest...after reading about 1 paragraph of these (or other scigen) papers, your mind starts to freeze. Sure you laugh while reading it but you still keep thinking that maybe the author, while a terrible writer, has something to say, yet you are way to lazy to possibly read it carefully to discover what that might be...speaking as an EE who gets asked to review papers on the african migrant experience in europe.

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  7. Actually, it is the problem of the PC members. He/She should read thru the papers before the review process. In case any one of them is found junk/bogus, just reject it and inform the PC Chair.

    Here, I am more interested in knowing if your paper can be accepted for journal special issue submission.

    Many conferences do associate with journal special issues. "Selective papers will be solicited and included in the following journals. ...". The selection & invitation process is done before the conference date.

    Try and see!

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